My name is Cory Thompson and I go to Highlight Boarding School.
Jason Lambourn is my better half.

i love to sprint



so my brother has this friend who i hate so much because

  • he uses the words ‘retarded’ and ‘gay’ as insults
  • he’s called my brother a dumbass/faggot/retard/etc.
  • he literally threatened to beat me up even though i’m like five years older than him ok
  • he thinks women are stupid and if they get raped/beaten/etc. they deserve it for stepping out of line
  • he sneaks out of his house to go hang out with high school seniors (mind you, this kid is fucking 11/12 years old)
  • he used to call me a ‘dumbass bitch’ like everyday

and i asked my mom why she’s letting this little spawn of satan come over and she’s like “oh, he’s changed. he’s nice now.”

i’m literally about to just go be a hobo for the night because i am not staying in the same house as this little cretin.

someone take me in pls

before i die

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    [[MORE]] Ugh. and my friends just think they’re so adorable and cuddle with them. and im over here like. How could you...
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    [[MORE]] ugh my brother’s friends do the same thing i’m around five years older than them. i just want to punch them all...
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